Diabetes Prevention & Education Center

Patients and members of the community are offered self-management support through a variety of educational sessions at our Diabetes and Family & Community Medicine Physician Offices, at Abrams Public Health Center. At the center you’ll find a large demonstration kitchen, a classroom and a fitness assessment facility. Our complementary programs – from diabetes support groups to classes about healthy food choices and cooking demonstrations – are offered daily and provided in both English and Spanish. Programming is provided from Banner – University Medical Center and affiliated community partners.

We partner with several University of Arizona College of Medicine departments as well as community organizations to bring you these programs, including:

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Program Catalog

  • Diabetes Support Group: Meets on the second Wednesday of every month
  • Cooking Demonstrations: Use all your senses while learning tips and food facts that you can put to use at home. View the entire schedule to get specific dates and times for cooking demonstrations: English / Spanish
  • Diabetes 101 – Talk with Doc: Newly diagnosed with diabetes or just have questions about it? Come and get your questions answered a doctor who specializes in diabetes. Learn the basics of diabetes and ways to manage it.
  • Can I Prevent Diabetes? Find out ways to lower your risk of developing diabetes. If you have a family history of diabetes or are concerned about developing it, then join us and learn ways to reduce your risk.
  • Mastering Insulin Management: Basal / Bolus: Find out how the most powerful insulin management strategies and tools can help you better manage your diabetes.
  • Healthy Eating: A Nutrition Basics Series: Get the basics to put you on the right track to health
  • Basic Carbohydrate Counting: Learn how to effectively count how many carbohydrates you consume to better manage your blood sugar levels.
  • Get to Know Your Meds: Do you have questions about your medications? Meet with a pharmacist and get your questions answered.

 For additional workshops, view the entire schedule: English / Spanish

Clases en Español

  • Terapia Intensiva De Insulina: Descubras cómo las más poderosas estrategias y herramientas de administración de insulina pueden ayudar a controlar mejor la diabetes
  • Diabetes 101 Controlaré mi diabetes: ¿Le acaban de diagnosticar que tiene diabetes o es solamente que quiere hacer algunas preguntas sobre la diabetes? Venga para que un doctor de la Clínica de  Diabetes le conteste sus preguntas. Obtenga conocimientos básicos sobre la diabetes y aprenda cómo manejarla.  

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