Ask a Nurse: Breast Health


If you’re visiting this page, you or someone you care about is likely battling breast cancer. I’d like to help you or your loved one in any way I can. My name is Beth and I am a Certified Breast Care Nurse with the University of Arizona Cancer Center. Please contact me at any time and I will respond by phone or email within two business days.

I’d like to use my knowledge and experience to provide you personalized information on dealing with breast cancer. Feel free to ask questions about the entire spectrum of breast health issues - prevention, risk reduction, warning signs, detection methods, treatment options, support services and clinical trials. I can also assist in setting up an appointment for breast health services or guiding you to appropriate resources.

Let me know how I can help,


Send an email to Beth:

PS: I cannot give specific medical advice, review medical records, or make a diagnosis but I am happy to connect you to a doctor who can.